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Unwiring a btymtz podcast ... coming soon in 2024

Unwiring a btymtz podcast ... coming soon in 2024

Even a small amount of user research can save so much time. Instead of telling you once again what the best practice is and adding to your imposter syndrome, let’s concentrate on some practical approaches to user research that we might be able to fit into our existing projects without being left disillusioned.

Lean User Research Saves Time Rather Than Costs It


Consider how much time is wasted on calls debating the best approach or in Figma endlessly revising the design because the client can’t make up their mind. Then there is the time of the other stakeholders, all of whom have to attend those meetings and provide feedback.

A small amount of user research can solve much of that. It can replace endless opinions, discussions, and revisions with data.

We don’t need to ask for extra time for research. Instead, we can replace some of those meetings with a quick survey or test and cut through all the discussion.

But what about the discovery you are supposed to do upfront? What about the research into your audience before you begin? Isn’t that best practice, and shouldn’t you be doing that?

Well, yes and no.

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